Vegan in Manchester: Healthy Spirit

Healthy Spirit

When Dr HH and I first moved in together in Manchester, we were living in a place that was…a mixed bag.  It was cheap, spacious, equidistant between our work places and easily reached on public transport.  Alas, it also had dark brown carpets, neighbours who rowed constantly both downstairs and next door, the most incompetent letting agent ever and no front door.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We had to enter and exit through a garage door.  It was weird, but, as Dr HH comforted me, it was only our first place:  it could only get better from here. If the flat hadn’t been within walking distance of Healthy Spirit, a little shop with a vegetarian cafe in the back, I probably wouldn’t have lasted so long there.


They have a vegan cake every day, and I used to go regularly on the off chance that it would be this chocolate peanut butter cake.  It’s unbelievably good.  Under the chocolate topping is a layer of sweet, delicious peanut butter goo.  It is not only the best thing about the cake, but quite possibly the best thing about life, ever.  Altogether it’s like eating a Snickers bar in cake form, and the dark chocolate sponge prevents it from being too sweet.

Healthy Spirit Cake

Not that the other cakes are anything to sniff at, though.  This date and ginger cake was beautiful – a good sticky sponge with icing that isn’t too gritty.

Healthy Spirit Choc Courgette Cake

And the chocolate courgette cake was also tasty, as was the hot chocolate – there’s nothing wrong with a double serving of chocolate at the weekend, is there?

Healthy Spirit (3)

Their own blend teas were also good – I loved the ayurvedic rainy day brew most of all, though the chai is very good with a splash of coconut milk.

Healthy Spirit Soup

And occasionally I had something from a non-cake food group.  The daily specials are always written on the chalkboards and marked if they’re vegan.  There’s almost always a vegan soup, which is hearty and wholesome…

Healthy Spirit Stew

…and also a stew.  Look at all that goodness!

Healthy Spirit lasagne

I’ve also had a lasagne before, with numerous salads and a good bit of bread.  All the meals are like this:  substantial, inviting and healthy.

Healthy Spirit (2)

And I’ve talked about their breakfast plate before too.

I think Healthy Spirit is one of the most underrated meat-free eateries in Manchester.  The people who work there are lovely, and it’s a great relaxed atmosphere – you never feel like there’s a hurry to get rid of you.

Fortunately, our new home in Prague is much nicer and comes with the traditional door.  And it’s once again just a ten minute walk from the best cake in the city!  It’s like I have a radar for it…

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4 Responses to Vegan in Manchester: Healthy Spirit

  1. Cake vs door – I’m pretty sure you made the right choice. That cake and attendant goo look amazing!

  2. Healthy Spirit looks great, definitely worth living that front door free life! I’d consider it for that chocolate PB cake, it sounds seriously amazing.

  3. That chocolate peanut butter cake sounds divine. I would visit regularly to try and find it too! And as for entering through a garage door, was it at least your own garage door? One of the big perks of our latest move is having our own front door after previously sharing an entrance with a neighbour we always tried to avoid seeing!

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