2016 Hits & Misses


What a year, eh?  At least we’ll always have good vegan food!  In no particular order, here are my five hits and misses of the year.  (You can check out my 2015 post here.)

Hit #1: Edamame Vegan Sushi, Warsaw


This meal made my birthday the best one ever, it was such a delicious feast!  My mum, Dr HH and I shared various sushi rolls and each one was flavoursome and, let’s face it, beautiful.  I believe it was my mum’s first sushi ever, and it was the best I’ve ever had.   This should be at the top of everyone’s itinerary in Warsaw.

Miss #1: Bar Celoneta, Barcelona


€11 for a few fake prawns?  They did not meet my expectations.  This bar was generally a little overpriced (and they failed to put the air con on in heat of over 30C), but these prawns really took the biscuit.  I was expecting them to be gigantic, maybe battered or breadcrumbed and fried, full of flavour…but they were basically just an obscenely-priced portion of the prawns you can get pretty cheaply in Asian vegan restaurants.

Hit #2:  Ohlala, Berlin


I was devastated to hear that Ohlala was closing in September this year, but considering the general rubbishness of 2016, I shouldn’t have been surprised.  It was always the first place on my itinerary on a trip to Berlin, and was home to the best desserts I’ve ever had.  At least I got to visit it twice this year, and both times I had one of these delicious tresors.  I will remember them forever.

Miss #2:  Kopps, Berlin


Don’t get me wrong, the brunch here was glorious.  The policy on tap water was not.  I wrote a full, bitter review here.

Hit #3:  Leckereienfabrik, Berlin


In May we treated ourselves to a rather last-minute trip to Berlin, and ended up staying in a different part of town to usual due to limited Airbnb options.  Happily, that led us to discover this place, which was just around the corner.  We ordered the breakfast platter for two, and it was absolutely divine!  We also got a jar of chocolate blackberry jam to take home with us, and I used it when I recreated this spread at home during the summer:


We try to visit new places every time we go to Berlin, but this place has definitely earned a return!

Miss #3:  Vega, Madrid


This all-vegan restaurant had pretty good reviews on Happy Cow, but we were underwhelmed.  Service was really slow, despite it not being busy and us having a reservation, and the food was not as adventurous as we would have liked.  My noodle dish was ok, but Dr HH was bitterly disappointed by the little slivers of seitan he was served.  There were definitely better options in Madrid…

Hit #4:  B13, Madrid


…like this one!  We had a lot of tapas during our fortnight in Spain, but nowhere was cheaper or better than this exciting little bar in Madrid.  The omelette was sensational, the little seitan nuggets were delicious, and we got to try calimari!  Oh, and the wine was really cheap too.

Miss #4:  Avocado, Gdansk


I feel a little guilty about including this place, because it seems like they were trying to do a good thing.  But truthfully, we just didn’t have a great experience and wouldn’t go back (except maybe for cake).  As I mentioned in the original post, the meal was a little uninspired and the place was so crowded it was impossible to relax and enjoy the experience.

Hit #5:  Moment, Prague


If you read my Vegan MoFo post about Prague, you may have noticed that I rather enjoy the cakes from Moment, a lovely all-vegan cafe.  You may be surprised to learn that I am also quite partial to the savoury options there too.  Dr HH and I usually pay a visit every Saturday for a tasty lunch.  We can never quite decide what the best dish is:  the bagel?  The omelette?  The shawarma?  This is a fairly recent addition, and we hope it’s here to stay!

Miss #5:  Mr Hau, Prague


Prague has a plethora of cheap and cheerful Asian vegan eateries.  This, unfortunately, is not one of the better ones.  We ordered from the menu (they also do a pay-by-weight buffet, like their competition), and were underwhelmed with the food.  The gyoza barely had any filling, the sauce in the Cantonese special was watery and bland, and these seafood slices were swimming in an insanely dilly sauce.  All in all, the flavours just weren’t there.  If you’re looking for a better spot in Prague, I’d recommend Veganland.

If you have any vegan hits and misses from the year, I’d love to hear them!

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7 Responses to 2016 Hits & Misses

  1. VeganVoman says:

    Reading your blog makes me think i should really visit Prague again. I was there in 2011 and struggled to find even vegetarian food, though admittedly I did the bare minimum of research…
    Hit and miss of the year are both from the same place: Chaos Theorie in Berlin.
    Hit- Their cheese sauce is absolutely divine and I begged the waitress to let me in on the secret (no luck!). It was seriously the best I’ve ever eaten. They also make some of the best milkshakes I’ve had, with big dollops of icecream and lots of caramel
    Miss- their cocktails. 3 of us each ordered a different one and all 3 were below par. Watery and badly mixed. A real shame because this place is first and foremost a cocktail bar, so I’ll have to try then again sometime (or I’ll just ask for a glass of that cheese sauce and a straw!)
    HNY! I look forward to more of your vegan adventures 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve heard that the vegan scene in Prague just exploded in recent years. I’ve been there since summer 2015 and there are so many great places to eat, I’d really recommend a return visit.

      Interesting that Chaos Theorie is both your hit and miss! We were there in May and I liked my croissant (including the cheese sauce) but wasn’t blown away. I wish I’d tried a milkshake now!

  2. Happy new year! I like the mix of hits and misses – when I’m going abroad somewhere, I like to know which places are worth giving a miss as well as which are the good ones! This just reminded me, as if one were needed, that I should spend more time in Berlin! It’s such a good idea to recreate that breakfast too – they both look like fab spreads!

  3. that should say – ‘this just gave me a reminder, as if one were needed…’ Too little sleep, not enough grammar!

    • Jenny says:

      Don’t worry, I knew what you meant! And yes, Berlin should always be revisited – I’m hoping we’ll get there again this year too. Happy New Year!

  4. Sam and Veren says:

    B13 is the best!! Literally tried to go there last night but it was closed for the holidays. We love love love it there, even if they’re always so so crowded (for good reason!). That’s too bad that you didn’t have a good experience at Vega. We’ve only been once, but enjoyed what we had (really yummy smoked cheese appetizer was my favorite), even if it was a bit pricier than most places in Madrid. I think they’re probably best for the “daily menu” which is 8 euros for a 3-course meal + drink. I do agree that there are better places in Madrid though! I’m not sure if you tried Rayen Vegano but its simply amazing! Viva Burger has great veg burgers and La Encomienda is a new and great eco vegan place. I definitely feel spoiled living here and still have so many places on my list to try!

    Heading to Berlin for the first time next month and soo excited, going to check out your post on it now!! =)

    • Jenny says:

      Ah yes, I was a big fan of the daily menu in Spain, it really was incredible value for money. We loved Rayen Vegano and Viva Burger, but never visited Encomienda – if it’s new, maybe we just missed out on it.

      Have a great time in Berlin, it truly is vegan heaven!

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