Vegan in Prague: Klub Cestovatelů

It’s quite tricky finding a restaurant in Prague that serves both meaty and vegan dishes, so discovering such a place is always wildly exciting. I prefer giving my money to all-vegan establishments, but sometimes you need somewhere that will please a crowd, and Klub Cestovatelů is one such place.

It’s a Lebansese restaurant located right on the river, so it’s a little pricey by Czech standards, but it’s also very good. There are lots of tempting dishes on the menu, and it clearly labels vegan, vegetarian, and halal options, which makes everything very easy to navigate. Dr HH discovered this place on a work night out, and I have since been there for a team lunch as well – it’s definitely good for pleasing a crowd with different dietary requirements. But here let’s look at the vegan feast we treated ourselves to when just the two of us went.

I actually don’t know that much about Lebanese food, and my only prior experience with it was at The Cedar Tree in Dublin last Easter, when we had a veritable feast. I know that it involves hummus and falafel, so that’s alright by me! There’s not that much good falafel in Prague, and for me this one is in second place behind Paprika – it was flavoursome and herby. The hummus was also very good. We got the pine nut version, and I’m not sure if there were pine nuts in the blend or just sprinkled on top, but either way it was tasty, and we felt very fancy indeed.

For our mains, we tried the batata hara, or fried potatoes with tabouleh. Dr HH found this extremely dry and more of a side dish, whereas I thought it was perfection: nicely cooked and seasoned potatoes, and a well-contained salad on the side. Delightful!

We both agreed that the mousaka batinjan was a treat, though. This was baked, spicy aubergine with chickpeas, tomatoes, and plenty of cumin. It was lovely! I’m a big fan of those dishes that are beautifully fragrant and spiced without being spicy hot. You could really taste the flavours.

This place gets really busy, probably due to its location, so I’d certainly recommend booking ahead. They also do a different lunch menu every day of the week which always has a vegetarian option, but it’s not always vegan. The staff there are great, and are extremely accommodating and helpful if you contact them in advance to find out which days they’ll have vegan options on.

Although it’s primarily branded as a Lebanese restaurant, its name actually means ‘Travellers’ Club’, so they have some dishes from other cuisines as well. Whether you’re a traveller or a local, you should definitely stop by!


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