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Vegan Treats: London vs Manchester

Dr HH frequently tells me that he doesn’t understand the North vs South divide in England – spoken like someone from the Midlands, if you ask me! The rest of us know that it’s serious business. In my entirely unbiased … Continue reading

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MiniMoFo: Top 5 Desserts

This month’s MiniMoFo is all about desserts, and inspired a lengthy discussion between Dr HH and me about the best 5 we’ve ever been served. Here are our conclusions! 1.Tresor, Oh La La (Berlin) Ah, the tresor. We still reminisce … Continue reading

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Vegan in Manchester: A Teatime Collective Christmas

Merry Christmas, friends!  I hope the festive period is treating you well, and that you are full of food and mirth. Last year we went for Christmas Dinner at Teatime Collective, Manchester’s best all-vegan establishment.  And it was so good … Continue reading

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Vegan in Manchester: Christmas at Teatime Collective

Christmas is my favourite time of year, and it’s always extra special when it involves travelling home for a prolonged holiday.  This year I’m spending over two weeks in Manchester, and I’m trying to make the most of it, not … Continue reading

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Vegan Mofo: Teatime Collective, Manchester

Day Twenty-Five:  Share your Favourite Cuisine So, British cuisine probably isn’t my favourite, but it’s got a pretty good breakfast in its favour (and it’s not nearly as bad as foreigners seem to think!).  Also, see how beautifully it ties … Continue reading

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